21st-Century Geopolitics Of Latin America

adminFebruary 9, 20182min

img2Andrew Korybko continues where his “Law Of Hybrid War: Eastern Hemisphere” book left off and focuses his attention on Latin America. Unlike the Eastern Hemisphere, the Western one is comprised in such a way that it lacks the same degree of identity diversity which makes its counterpart so susceptible to Hybrid War, hence why it’s much more relevant to instead analyze the overall geopolitical situation in this part of the world from the structural perspective, as this provides a better sense of how the situation will evolve in the future.

This book brings together three separate article series that Andrew wrote for the Moscow-based Geopolitica.Ru think tank into a single e-book which is intended to serve as a handy reference for scholars and casual observers alike. Many custom maps are included within the text in order to illustrate the far-reaching geopolitical processes unfolding in Latin America in the 21st-century. Covering everything from history, economics, and of course geopolitics, it’s hoped that this book can help the reader acquire a more comprehensive understanding of the US’ “backyard” and the exciting Chinese-supported multipolar opportunities that await it in the coming years.

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