About us

We create the most value for our clients, our network and our society.

Consulting Studies (CSC) is a global intelligence and security consultancy that helps clients in the public and private sectors by providing on-the-ground insight and realistic intelligence and analysis
We focus on the most important geostrategic challenges of our time, addressing existing fault lines and anticipating emerging trends lines. We enable and support informed strategic and tactical decisions that maximize opportunity and minimize risk. CSC provides analysis and advice on counter-terrorism and security.

We are across Middle East and Africa, and our team is formed from authors, academics and advisors to world leading institutions and private sector clients.

About us

Strong partnerships get the best results for everyone involved.

Consulting Studies Company has an experienced team of analysts, journalists and a wide network of collaborators that can work together for a shared goal.

Because working together helps create better outcomes for everyone, including our business.