Libya- country governed by political parties or terrorism?

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What happens in Libya?

The perpetual conflict involving GNA and LNA prevented Libyan authorities from dedicating sufficient resources to the fight against terrorism. Though, both GNA and LNA conducted operations during the year in order to arrest or kill dozens of ISIS or AQIM fighters.

However, the terrorist attacks are still on table and represent a real threat to the Libyans and the rumors about the interference of the jihadist groups, as the Muslim brothers in Libya, in the internal affairs of the country are still alive among the civilians and the press.

Last clashes from Sabha, demonstrate that the insurgents have an intense activity in the region, but also the fact that the authorities are unable to prevent this kind of events and to protect their citizens.

What actions were taken by the regional powers in order to mediate the conflict?

Due to the violations of human rights, including the repression of peaceful demonstrators by the Libyan government, the UN Security Council impose an arms embargo on Libya since February 2011 relating to the supply of arms and military equipment to and from Libya. The UNSC allows supplies to those entities that are considered the internationally recognized government of Libya.

Some countries from the European Union, such as Germany, France or Italy are increasing pressure to solve the conflict in Libya and they have stated openly that all countries that violate the UN arms embargo on Libya should be seriously punished.

In Libya, violence has spiraled completely out of control and the European Union has taken actions in order to stabilize the country. Therefore, sanctions were imposed against three companies from Turkey, Jordan and Kazakhstan which were accused of violating the UN arms embargo on Libya. These measures freeze any EU assets held by the companies, cut them off from EU finance markets and bar them from doing business with anyone in the bloc. Turkey criticized the EU sanctions over Libya arms embargo, saying that it is a wrong and “extremely unfortunate” decision which has “no value” in the eyes of Turkey.

What are the consequences of the political situation in Libya?

The rival governments from Tripoli and Tobruk have complicated Libya’s political landscape and also the ability to combat extremists. The political conflict has allowed Islamist groups to operate in the country and Libya became a hub smuggling and sale of arms, migrants to sustain terror entities.

The combination of elements in Libya is extremely dangerous for the security of the region. The presence of international Salafi jihadists is one of the most dangerous in Libyan mix. Libya is considered to be a safe heaven for terrorism due to the absence of state structures, the availability of weapons of all kinds, uncontrolled land and sea borders and wide ungoverned spaces in the south of the region.

It is also know that the terrorist groups affiliated to AQIM or ISIS took advantage of the situation from Libya in order to achieve the goals of states that support terrorism. Some experts believe that international parties use terrorism as a weapon in order to achieve their goals, generally based on economic interests. Libya need a charter of honor that unites them and build their state away from the ambitions of the groups, parties and figures funded by foreign powers, to save their homeland from the danger of terrorists.

As French President Emanuel Macron says „Islamic terrorism is the main enemy in Africa” and there should be taken actions that would eliminate terrorism, Libya also needs to think of the social and economic corruption caused by the terrorist that attempts to destroy the entire country, so in the near future there should be taken actions that would eliminate this threat from Libya.

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