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The European Union: Readings on the Theory and Practice of European Integration

img2The fourth edition of this popular reader, thoroughly updated, introduces students to both the concept of a united Europe and to integration theory.The expanded first two sections of the book now present the visions of the primary shapers of the union and its fundamental documents, as well as early currents in integration theory. The completely revised third and fourth sections explore recent theoretical developments in theory and practice as the EU wrestles with economic crises, political unrest, cultural conflict, and international competition.

Mugabe: Power, Plunder, and the Struggle for Zimbabwe’s Future

imgRobert Mugabe came to power in Zimbabwe in 1980 after a long civil war in Rhodesia. The white minority government had become an international outcast in refusing to give in to the inevitability of black majority rule. Finally the defiant white prime minister Ian Smith was forced to step down and Mugabe was elected president. Initially he promised reconciliation between white and blacks, encouraged Zimbabwe’s Continue reading

Everyday Life in Central Asia: Past and Present

img2For its citizens, contemporary Central Asia is a land of great promise and peril. While the end of Soviet rule has opened new opportunities for social mobility and cultural expression, political and economic dynamics have also imposed severe hardships. In this lively volume, contributors from a variety of disciplines examine how ordinary Central Asians lead their lives and navigate shifting historical and political trends. Provocative stories of Turkmen nomads, Afghan villagers, Kazakh scientists, Kyrgyz border guards, a Tajik strongman, guardians of religious shrines in Uzbekistan, and other narratives illuminate important issues of gender, religion, power, culture, and wealth. A vibrant and dynamic world of life in urban neighborhoods and small villages, at weddings and celebrations, at classroom tables, and around dinner tables emerges from this introduction to a geopolitically strategic and culturally fascinating region.