European Politics 2nd Edition

adminFebruary 20, 20171min

img2European Politics surveys the history, institutions, and issues that are essential for understanding contemporary European politics. Exploring a central question―”what is Europe?”―this text’s thematic approach helps students compare politics in individual countries and see the political big picture in the region. European Politics examines not only countries already in the European Union but also those eligible to join to give students the most comprehensive picture of Europe’s evolution in a globalized world.

Key changes for the new edition:

Fully revised and updated to include coverage of recent elections, public opinion data and key topics such as refugees, Russia and Ukraine, Syria, more on the economic crisis, and Brexit;
Expanded and revised opening chapter explaining Europeanization, multi-level governance, and the fissures in Europe;
Greater and updated coverage of theory, multi-culturalism, and the EU.
This timely, in-depth text will be essential reading for anyone interested in European politics.

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