Africa: African History: From Ancient Egypt to Modern South Africa – Stories, People and Events That Shaped The History of Africa

adminFebruary 18, 20171min

What wove the African continent into the rich fabric of cultures and peoples that it is today?

Where did ancient culture, trade, and civilization begin?

How did the African people survive and thrive despite European colonization and apartheid?

These are just some of the questions you’ll find answers to in African History: From Ancient Egypt to Modern South Africa-Stories, People, and Events that Shaped the History of Africa.

Africa is a vast continent whose waters, fertile lands, minerals, and diverse wildlife nurtured humankind since ancient times until European colonization and exploitation caused immeasurable suffering and loss. To understand how Africa developed, thrived, suffered, and emerged into the rich tapestry of peoples that it is today, take a trip back to the ancient River Nile and the East African coast.

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