Through Deserts and Oases of Central Asia

adminDecember 10, 20172min

img2Few works dealing with Chinese Turkestan and the Pamirs have been published of late years, although the Heart of A sia, where the empires of Great Britain, Kussiatand China meet, can never fail to excite our interest. Furthermore, the great trade route which ran from China to the Roman Empire lay across Chinese Turkestan, from which remote land silk was introduced into Europe. The present book has been written ia two parts. The chapters composing Part I., which describe the nine months journey in deserts and oases, in mountains and plains, have been written by my sister, while I am responsible for those dealing with the geography, history, customs and other subjects. We are indebted to Mr. Bohlin of the Swedish Mission ia Chinese Turkestan, and to Khan Sahib, I ftikhar Ahmad of the British Consulate-G eneral, Kashgar, for much assistance :and also to Dr. F. W. Thomas, of the India Office, who has read through the historical sketch. A good deal of new material will be found in the various chapters, and as far as possible the subjects so ably and exhaustively dealt with by Sir Aurel Stein have been avoided.

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