Re-arrangement of troops close to Tripoli

adminSeptember 30, 20192min

The President of the Government of National Accord, Fayez Al Sarraj, accompanied by a governmental delegation took a surprise unscheduled visit in Tunis, arriving on the evening of 23rd September.

Immediately upon arrival, Al Sarraj met with American officers from the headquarters of AFRICOM, but no sources and no officials have revealed the contents of the discussion. The visit coincides with the moment of loss by the governmental forces control of the city of Gharyan (situated approx. 95 km south of Tripoli). That allowed to Khalifa Haftar to seize the entire village, which represent a great strategic importance in the context of military developments on the suburbs of the Libyan capital, confronted by 5 months with clashes spilling over between the National Army elements and governmental forces.

The involvement of the forces AFRICOM in actions to the limits of the Libyan capital, since April this year, has sought the return of their temporary in Libya, in the context of instability in that country. With regard of the situation at the border with Tunisia, which has generated an unprecedented concentration of Tunisian security forces presence, especially after they noticed suspicious movements of groups belonging to terrorist organizations, which they found refuge in the region, thus avoiding the pressure coming from the part of the National Army, under Marshal Haftar. He declared in many occasions that his army will follow the respective groups in any place in Libya and that will not leave until will not get rid of all terrorist elements from his country.

(From A.A., our correspondent in Tunisia)

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