The shadow of terrorism rises more and more over Libya

adminOctober 2, 20193min

The terrorist danger continues to threaten Libya after the attacks committed in the last period of several extremist groups. They are taking advantage of the chaos and confusion of opinion which reigns in this country.

As also showed Antonio Gutierrez, the UN Secretary-General, in a recent report submitted to the Security Council, the terrorist phenomenon from Libya does not stop only at Sirte, Benghazi and Derna, but expanded towards Faqha, Sebha and Ghadwa, as well as into the Harouj and Marzouq.

The number of terrorist elements is increasing, reaching between 800 and 1,000 individuals, Libyans and foreigners who have chosen Libya as a residence, and to fulfill their plans, during the state situation of chaos and the security vacuum that reigns in this country for several years.

While the situation in Libya sinks deeper and deeper into uncertainty, people ask some logical and essential questions such as: who contributes to the reinforcement Daesh in Libya? Who is funding that organization’s goals? And questions multiplied, especially after some alliances have been perfected among the armed forces, Daesh and Al Qaeda.

Perhaps what has happened in Tripoli since April is only one stage of the war against terrorism and the presence of Daesh. Local reports have revealed the names and entities that can be qualified as terrorist, who acted against the army in the eastern areas, where they allied with Daesh. In addition, these reports have talked about logistics and financial support that they receive from Turkey and Qatar, specifying that the confiscated weapons, produced in Turkey, were for these terrorist organizations.

(From A.A., our correspondent in Tunisia)

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