The Egyptian Interfere Into the Libyan Conflict

adminSeptember 25, 20204min

The Egyptian representatives believe in their country’s decisive role in pushing for and keeping the ceasefire in Libya. They said that without the Cairo Declaration and the political pressure, which they put on the Libyan politicians, the agreement would not have happened.

According to their declarations, both LNA and GNA, must understand the red lines that they cannot cross and the fact that, if they want to stop the war, they will have to stop fighting and work together for population welfare.

Cairo believes that the peace agreement will last because of the pressure that Egypt and other Arab states will be able to put on both sides, but mainly on one side.

Egypt, next to the others influential states form the regions and the European Union, hope that the conflict will come to an end, based on the measures taken against Libya, like the arms embargo, which is constantly broke.

According to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, Sameh Shoukry, all the international actors that are trying to play a role in the end of the Libyan’s conflict, are aware of the flow of arms continues reaching Libya and, as far as this continues, it is going to be quite difficult to stop the fighting. No matter how hard they try, there are always others that have different interests and vision, which means that the arms embargo is not respected by anyone.

The red lines of the Libyan conflict had come in January, when LNA restored Sirte and advanced in the outskirts of Misrata and Tripoli, and installed air defense systems in Sirte, while Al Jufrah already has a main airbase.

The Libyan House of Representatives issued a statement allowing the Egyptian Armed Forces to intervene whenever it perceives a threat to the security of Egypt and Libya describing Turkey as “the invading occupier. In short time after this moment, the Egyptian president met, in Cairo, with Tribe leaders belonging to eastern, central, and western Libya as they demanded Egypt’s military support to repel Turkish aggression.

The result of this meeting was beneficial for the Libyans, because on June 20, the Egyptian House of Representatives approved sending troops beyond Egyptian borders on the western strategic direction.

But, until new decisions will be taken by the Libyans representatives, both the LNA and the GNA, the ceasefire will not be enforced and the people of Libya will continue to live in the middle of an „everyday war”.

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