The two sides of Libya

Consiliul CSCJune 10, 20212min

With the conclusion of the ceasefire agreement and the announcement of the elections in December of this year, the situation in Libya seems to be heading in a straight  line towards democracy.

However, the lack of commitment of the two sides is felt, and the fact the regional actors with interests in Libya postpone an active involvement  in resolving the Libyan conflict.

Although the October truce established that the mercenaries and foreign fighters must leave the Libyan territory within 90 days of signing the agreement, the failure to get them to leave could affect Libya’s political transition and the December elections.

The international organizations, as the UN , which are involved in the political and the security stabilization of Libya draw attention to the violation of arms embargo and withdrawal of all foreign fighters, that are estimated to be around 20.000.

Antonio Guterres, the head of the UN, said that in the last report on the situation from Libya points out that despite the conclusion of the peace agreement, both sides of the conflict continue to strengthen their positions in the areas they control. There are air cargo activities reported, with flights to various air bases form Libya, both in the western and the eastern area.

The last events from May this year – the gunmen storm from the hotel that used to be the Presidential Council HQ; show that the security situation in the country is still unstable and the differences between Tripolitania and Cyrenica remains.

Internationals institutions are expected to be more actively involved in eliminating the foreign fighters from Libya and for the unification of Libya.

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