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Russian eyes Libya as a new ground to promote its influence

When the world witnesses the expansion of Russian influence in various areas, the Russian government is looking for a support point in Libya, which has led it to support Haftar’s forces and to sponsor a new round of Libyan negotiations. The Security Council delayed the adoption of a British resolution condemning the attack on Tripoli on 8 April. The British media talked about a meeting between Haftar, the Russian defense minister and the president of the Russian security company Faghanar, during the past year, after which it was decided to deliver military supplies to the general. Other sources found out about French military support to Al Karameh, GA’s interior minister, urging France to comply with previously concluded security agreements. France’s role in the conflict has also intensified after some French diplomats arrived at the border with Tunisia or after landing a French-flagged warship in the port of Ras Lanuf on 25 April , with a transport of attack weapons and three military pieces for Haftar’s forces. This, in addition to the known support from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE. At the same time, some consider the phone call between Haftar and Donald Trumpf as of April 15 to give “green light” to continue the attack. On the other hand, Italy has supported GA’s positions, alongside Turkey, which is currently trying to put pressure on the Russian side to change its position on the crisis.

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Foreign ambitions dominate the Libyan scene The situation in Tripoli is still uncertain, developments in the field do not indicate quick resolution of the conflict.

The situation in Libya continues to deteriorate after all belligerent sides have entered a spiral of violence in the capital of Tripoli and its surroundings.

This makes it increasingly difficult to explain the real situation and objectives in the conflict area, based on the multitude of narratives and analyzes, considering also the regional alliances that support the military and the political parties in conflict.

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