Monthly Archives: October 2020

LNA vs. GNA – war or peace?

Preparations for war

It’s been 9 years since Libya was split in two factions that are fighting each other to control the whole territory. Despite of LNA and GNA’s attempts to make peace, it seems that both sides are preparing for war.
The mobilization in Jurfa and Sierte for Haftar’s militias as well as Russian Wagner Gropup mercenaries with their heavy weapons and anti-aircraft systems have been monitored by the intelligence units of the Government of National Accord (GNA)

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Africa – a fertile soil for the growing of Islamist groups

Compared with the anterior years, in 2020 the regions where the terrorist activity is rising are change, which means that the trend settled in 2019 continues.

In the world and the red zone, in matter of terrorist activity like Syria and Iraq, the number of attacks and clashes has been decreasing since the international coalition’s interventions has shook the foundations of the extremist groups.

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