The „freedom of speech” crisis is deepening in Morocco

Consiliul CSCApril 16, 20212min

 The freedom of speech crisis is deepening in Morocco

                 Today, 16.04, are expected protests in Rabat, starting from 16:00. The protesters are demanding the release of the two journalists who are in jail for sexual assault charges an espionage – Omar Radi and Suleiman Raissouni. Over 150 the journalists are requesting to the authorities that the two of them should be release and be given a fair and transparent trial. The two of them started, last week, a hunger strike to protest against their detention.
Hundred of protesters and also the two of them, are claiming that their arrest are politically motivated and they are innocence. Moroccan journalists yesterday called on authorities to release two media workers who have been held in pre-trial detention for several months.
The crisis of freedom of speech in Morocco is deepen, because the journalists and activists in there have faced increased levels of repression in recent years for speaking out against the government. The protests are expected to be violent, because the confrontations between security forces and activists are possible. This event will increase the crisis from Morocco, which is already in a not good shape from this point of view.

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