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Sprijinirea comunităților locale din Libia

La Centrul Internațional pentru dezvoltare locală și guvernare înțeleaptă s-a încheiat programul de sprijinire a autonomiei locale și stabilității în Libia cu simpozionul intitulat ”Municipalități active, pentru orașe înfloritoare”.
Acest program, care durează de trei ani și jumătate, este finanțat de U.E. și sponsorizat de Ministerul de Externe olandez. Au participat reprezentanți ai autorităților locale și guvernamentale din Libia, precum și ai unor organizații internaționale.

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The future of Brexit

Since the results of the EU parliamentary elections were announced on Sunday night, the discussion about what they mean in terms of Brexit has been hotly contested.

One third of votes were cast for parties that support no deal, but there are a couple of reasons why we should be cautious about reading too much into the results. When people vote for a party, they dont necessarily vote for every single policy that party puts forward; and turnout was relatively low compared to other types of public vote, meaning we dont know what a sizeable chunk of the electorate actually thinks.

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Trump vs. Iran – What holds the future?

The paramount question at this stage is not what the United States will do in the nuclear domain but how it will act on Irans regional violations of the spirit of the agreement. The 13 October statement describes Irans steady expansion of proxy forces and terrorist networks … in hopes of dominating the greater Middle East … as they try to establish a bridge from Iran to Lebanon and Syria. The administration, according to this document, will address the totality of these threats from and malign activities by the Government of Iran and will seek to bring about a change in the Iranian regimes behavior.

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