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The Libyan Peace – The Libyan National Unity Conference Charter –

As a result of discussions relating to the peace agreement between the belligerent forces from Libya, was briefly stated the Charter of National Unity, Libyan, as follows:

Today, we have gathered we, sons of Libya in the East, sunset and South, Libyan, and combatanții counties use this opportunity to call on all those who want to put an end to this fratricidal confrontations, this media war of damaging of motherland, speeches, and let’s turn towards the language of dialogue, logic and facts to wise us-friendliness of Allah. And starting from this new beginning and high principles of sound, we gather here today, trust in the Constitution for all Libyans and sign this Charter, and swore in front of Allah not to transgress nor do abuse it, to respect the provisions of in 15 points, as follows:

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Libya between the signing of the cease-fire agreement and the National Dialogue Conference

At the end of October, a permanent cease-fire agreement, effective immediately and on the entire Libyan territory, has been signed under the auspices of the United Nations in the Swiss city of Geneva. This agreement can be considered as a result of diplomatic efforts made to resolve the conflict, despite doubts expressed by a number of military and political experts with intertwining views.

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Libya cease-fire: perspectives

After five days of discussions in Geneva, organised by UN, a permanent cease-fire agreement was signed this Friday (October 23rd). The warring parties in Libya have signed a national permanent cease-fire “effective immediately”. According to the UN special envoy, “this accomplishment represents a historical step towards peace and stability in Libya”.

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