January 12, 2022

On 24 December the  Libyans were due to vote and elect their president, but this not happen.The democratic hopes of the Libyan people have been postponed for 30 days, with a Libyan leader being elected on January  24, 2022. The divided political class could not agree on the rules overseeing the election  and also they […]

January 11, 2022

Libya`s Joint Military Commission has pledged to support national conciliation between the two main military actors, and noted that it is against all forms of regional and inter-tribal conflicts. The statement was made after the meeting that took place in the city of Jadu on Monday. The statement reassures that the parties involved are engaged […]

November 12, 2021

Dernièrement, l’Afrique de l’Est a été un point chaud pour des affrontements violents entre divers acteurs locaux et régionaux. Qu’il s’agisse d’affrontements entre combattants d’un même pays, ou qu’il s’agisse d’affrontements entre forces de sécurité et groupes terroristes, la situation sécuritaire dans la zone est de plus en plus instable, avec le risque de déclencher […]

November 1, 2021

The date of the democratic elections in Libya is getting closer, and people are beginning to wonder if the two sides are ready for this step. The Libyan population is definitely ready for a new beginning …. The elections in Libya, which were supposed to take place on December 24 but were postponed for the […]

October 28, 2021

On 27 October the Romanian president Klaus Iohannis paid a visit to Egypt where he met his counterpart – the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah El Sisi. The meeting commemorates 115 years since the initiation of bilateral relations between the two states. Both leaders said they were pleased with the resurgence of relations between the two […]

October 26, 2021

Sudan is undergoing a major transition following the 11 April ouster of Omar al-Bashir, one of Africa’s longest-ruling leaders. The strongman’s toppling, prompted by a sustained, peaceful campaign by a diverse and well-organized protest movement, raised hopes that the country might make a transition to more inclusive, civilian-led rule Now, the main problems of Sudan […]

October 8, 2021

This is the main question from all the regional powers in Middle East. The new PM- Najla Romdhane is an interesting and controversial move from Saied Kais made. In an Islamic country like Tunisia, surrounded by other similar states, where women play a tiny role in political life at all, the choice made by the […]

October 7, 2021

Last days, Libya`s long-awaited legislative election has been postponed until January 2022. As the Libyan parliament spokesman said ”The election for members of the House of Representatives will take place 30 days after the presidential vote”, which are still scheduled for December 24. The elections have the role of unifying the hard-fought country, which for […]

August 30, 2021

From the beginning of the attacks that occurs in 2017, Cabo Delgado region from Mozambique it has been the scene of gruesome actions of the jihadists which self-declared their affiliation to Daesh. But who are the insurgents and why Cabo Delgado, and Mozambique overall are so debated ? Most of the experts of this phenomenon […]

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